Admin Team

Dear Delegates, Chairs, Secretariat, Directors, Press Members, and Esteemed Guests,

On behalf of the administrative staff, it is our pleasure to welcome you to the BERMUN 2020 conference and introduce you to its administrative team. We feel honored to be able to aid in the organization and continuation of BERMUN conferences, together with the Secretariat, Directors, Student Officers, and the Press team. Our administrative team consists entirely of high school students from the John F. Kennedy School, all of which are well versed in conference procedure and are able to give helpful guidance and insight into inquiries concerning the venue, committees, and any other questions that may arise during the conference. We are always eager to help, so please do not hesitate to approach us, or any member of the administrative staff. Together we strive to ensure a pleasant experience for all BERMUN participants.


Helena Hitgen

Head of the Administrative Staff

Hannah Cook

Head of the Administrative Staff

Emma Robertson

Head of the Administrative Staff

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