Admin Team

Dear Delegates, Chairs, Secretariat, Directors, Press Members, and Esteemed Guests,

On behalf of the Administrative Staff, it is our pleasure to welcome you to this year’s annual BERMUN conference. It is our great honor to be hosting and organizing this symposium in collaboration with the secretariat and directors. The administrative staff, which consists of high school students from the John F. Kennedy School, is well informed about the procedure, as well as the location of the conference. We are often referred to as the “backbone” of the conference and ensure the coordination of all sections.

Our team is always ready to help and we encourage you to approach us if you have any questions throughout the conference. With awareness of the necessity of conferences like these, we are determined to create an enjoyable atmosphere for all participants.

Attendees of this conference will benefit from the various experiences we, the Heads of Admin, have learned from our combined 15 MUN conferences. We look forward to this year’s BERMUN very much and are delighted to share this experience with so many new and familiar faces.


Clara Geschner

Head of the Administrative Staff

Hannah Cook

Head of the Administrative Staff

Emma Robertson

Head of the Administrative Staff

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