A Secretariat Striving for Success

Emma Nathenson
Nov 21, 2019

     Every November, hundreds of students engage in a thoughtful, well organized, and impactful BERMUN conference. But who is the team that guides and plans this revered event? 

     This year’s Secretariat, the group of students in charge of leading the conference and ensuring it runs smoothly, are taking bold strides to achieve a successful BERMUN 2019. 

     Secretary General Isabel Tscherniak is “most excited for the conference theme: Beyond Borders, Striving for Justice and Equality in the Shadow of the Berlin Wall because of the historical component,” given the upcoming 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. With a basis of this historically rooted yet politically relevant topic, the chosen theme foreshadows an impactful conference. 

     In addition to selecting a theme, “the Secretariat plays a role in shaping the conference, as in leading the student officer team and helping out with guest speakers,” describes Deputy Secretary General Jonas Dills. “(The Secretariat) is basically the face of the conference and does a lot behind the scenes.”

     With the Secretariat's obvious commitment to the program, they are sure to reinforce BERMUN’s precedent of effective student leadership, and set an exemplary image for years to follow. “That’s the core of BERMUN,” explains President of the General Assembly Malka Beere. “You have different views, different countries, different people in different committees that all discuss aspects of this year’s theme. The Secretariat’s role is a guiding hand to make that possible.”

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