GA6: Furnishing the UN’s Foundations

Johannes von Kleist
Nov 21, 2019

With the universality of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) coming into question due to the ideological gaps between its member states, and with 68.5 million displaced people of sometimes unclear legal status, it has become necessary for the Legal Committee (GA6) to tackle the task of bolstering the UN’s foundations. 

The UDHR has been one of the crowning achievements of the UN, with it being used as the foundation for many binding international human rights laws. However, the declaration has been controversial since it’s conception, with critics noting its strong Western bias.

        This has led to alternative, smaller human rights declarations from Islamic and East-Asian nations, such as the Islamic Conference and ASEAN, which create declarations that exclude certain, especially individual, rights. 

        Victor Hoppe, Chair of the GA6, notes that “this is problematic because it threatens the universality of the so-called UDHR, and allows nations to ignore rights that are controversial.” With the endangerment of human rights, the urgency for a universalization and better implementation of the UDHR is apparent and the delegates will hopefully produce new legal frameworks to prevent human rights abuses.

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