Preventing Proxy Wars

Mia Robertson
Nov 20, 2019

     The Special Conference (SpC) will be taking the theme of the conference "Beyond Borders: Striving for Justice and Equality in the Shadow of the Berlin Wall" into profound debates concerning a solution to proxy wars. 

     Proxy wars, such as the Korean War which involved multiple countries, have been fought throughout history with no direct solution for prevention. If powerful nations expand their borders into other countries with military force, many civilians are left with little belongings and often no home. 

     The primary objective of the UN Peacekeepers is to help countries around the world bring an end to their conflicts and to help them recover from war. The UN Peacekeepers have been involved in various regions; most recently in Cyprus, the Central African Republic, and Haiti, among others. The Assistant President of the SpC, Marius von Kleist, states that “there have been efforts by NGO’s and singular governments alike to prevent proxy wars, but we are missing a coordinated international effort.”

     Since there have been no internationally direct attempts to solve proxy wars and only conflicts pertaining to proxy wars, the SpC will strive for productive debates seeking a solution.

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