Pursuing Economic Justice and Equality

Lucy Brass
Nov 21, 2019

     Chair of the Political Committee (PC), Conrad Chisolm believes the path to achieve economic justice and equality can be reached through “granting people jobs where their income is in correlation with the quality and amount of work they do.”

    This is one of the pressing issues faced in today’s modern economy, and is therefore this year’s main topic in the PC. The current economic situation in certain developing countries is deeply disturbing, since only one year ago, 700 million workers who had legitimate jobs were declared as the so called “working poor”(workers suffering under moderate or extreme poverty). The number of workers living in poverty in low-income countries is predicted to increase by 15 million because of the lack of economic justice and equality represented in these countries. Workers for large corporations are often underpaid, creating an unsuitable income for people to sustain themselves. 

    Since previous attempts at implementing economic justice and equality have been unsuccessful, it is extremely crucial that this topic is discussed in depth and we strive to devise new ideas to maintain a stable and beneficial economy.

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