SC: The Situation in Haiti

Dylan Hinrichs
Nov 21, 2019

      A number of international crises regarding violations of humanitarian rights, specifically sexual exploitation and abuse, child domestic work (CDW), and severe acute malnutrition (SAM), have been exponentially evolving over the course of the past few centuries. As of early 2019, Haiti has become the poorest and the third "hungriest" state in the Western hemisphere. This is a consequence of European colonialism, multiple natural disasters and finally, a corrupt regime which has been and still is involved in the extreme exploitation and disregard of general human rights. At this year's BERMUN conference, the Security Council (SC) will attempt to tackle and resolve the issues surrounding "violations of human rights in Haiti."

     Due to the extremity of the events unfolding, measures have to be taken by the UN to resolve these issues and to prevent people being maliciously mistreated by their government. President of the SC Zoë Perkul states that the main focus lies around "assistance to the restoration and maintenance of public safety, public order, and the rule of law.” Regarding the sheer severity and controversy surrounding the entire situation, the main points that are to be tackled, surely will lead to extensive debates throughout the conference.

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