The Key To A Successful Conference: BERMUN Admins

Gustav Bergold and Ja-Neil Wehr
Nov 21, 2019

     Behind the debates and resolutions lies the “backbone of the conference”: the Administrative Staff (AS), typically referred to as “admins,” hold the conference together. This unique organ of the BERMUN conference shoulders the great responsibility of collaborating with the Secretariat in order to organize a successful conference. This feat is only possible with a dedicated team and a competent Head of Administrator Staff, such as this year’s Heads of Admin: Clara Geschner, Hannah Cook, and Emma Robertson.   

     Together they take on the challenge of organizing BERMUN 2019, and “plan on making this conference run smoothly by having a well prepared and very capable admin team,” explains Cook. With a combined total of fifteen conferences, they are confident in the strength of this year’s admin team as they have decided “to introduce training sessions during Wednesday weekly debate so that new admins get some exposure to committee work and the more experienced admins can help guide them.”

     In addition to preparations, the admins are ensuring a trouble-free conference, as they work diligently throughout and after the debate. Therefore, it is important that they are recognized for their hard work.

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