Aleksandra Kołodziejska

Assistant President

of the


Elverum videregående skole

Honorable delegates,

Welcome and congratulations on becoming a delegate in the Economic and Social Council 2 of BERMUN 2021!  

The BERMUN 2021 conference theme is ''Pursuing Peace in a World of War and Conflict''.  As Economic and Social Council delegates, you will be collaboratively debating and writing resolutions addressing current issues. This year's committee topics are the prevention of wars by economic means, and easing existing conflicts to prevent global peace disruption.  I believe that you will treat BERMUN as an excellent learning experience and try to participate to the best of your abilities. We, as chairs, will do our best to provide a comfortable atmosphere for our delegates to express themselves freely. Nevertheless, please remember that thorough preparation will aid you in debating with confidence.

On a personal note, BERMUN 2021 will be my fourth MUN conference, yet it will be my first time chairing. I currently attend Elverum High School in Norway, where I am completing the IB Diploma Programme. My main interests are global politics and language learning. At the moment, I am learning Russian. Moreover, in my spare time, I enjoy reading.

I look forward to meeting all of you and to moderate your fruitful debates.


Aleksandra Nadia Kołodziejska
Assistant President of the Economic and Social Council 2

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