Alfred Justus

Assistant President

of the


John F. Kennedy School

Dear Delegates,

Welcome to this year’s BERMUN Security Council!

The Security Council (SC) is a distinct committee as it has its own procedure and only 15 member states. In addition, the SC is the only committee that has the possibility of creating legally binding resolutions. During BERMUN, we will cover the topic Foreign Economic Involvement in the Sahel-Region which has been the target of terrorism for over 30 years. Millions of people had to flee their homes, several civil wars have erupted and caused millions of deaths, and the average person earns between $440 to $1428 per year. In addition, the Sahel is heavily affected by climate change, leading to deadly floods and long droughts, which destabilize the region even more. How can foreign investments have an influence on the local economic situation and on the conflict? Furthermore, is it even beneficial? I look forward to answering these questions during our sessions.

Due to the power of the SC and the importance of the issue, I highly advise delegates to be exceptionally familiar with their country’s policies, intentions, and economic relationships.

I was born in California, USA and moved to Berlin at the age of 3. Now, I attend the JFKS and am sixteen years old. This year's BERMUN is going to be my first conference as a chair and I am thrilled to be able to experience MUN from another perspective. As a delegate, I had the opportunity to participate in 3 conferences in Berlin and Frankfurt. 

Outside of school, I play football at a small club and am a “teamer” in a confirmation class.

I can't wait to see you at the conference!


Alfred Justus

Assistant President of the Security Council 

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