Anna Alexiadou


of the


Anatolia High School

Honorable Delegates,

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to this year’s BERMUN International Court of Justice! 

Despite the difficult times we are going through, virtual conferences give us all the opportunity to debate once again and come up with productive solutions to worldwide issues. 

I am currently attending IB1 at Anatolia College in Greece and I love playing rock and classical music, reading literature and manga, as well as practicing photography. I have attended more than eight conferences, both as a delegate and as a Student Officer and hopefully more in the future. Despite thoroughly engaging myself in Model UN, debating and public speaking, I am planning on studying medicine abroad. 

Having served in the ICJ as Registrar and Advocate before, I have to admit that it is my favorite UN organ, as it is a fun way to acquire not only research skills but also to learn how to remain impartial as a Judge or boost your cogency and public speaking skills as an Advocate. I advise all Advocates to collect as much information on the case as possible, to help them come up with unique presumptions and argumentations, but also the Judges to listen carefully and ask questions, to get a better understanding of the case during the conference, to make the trial enjoyable and unforgettable for all of us. 

I look forward to working with you all!

Best wishes,

Anna Alexiadou

Registrar of the ICJ2

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