Carlota Figueroa

Assistant President

of the


Benjamin Franklin International School

Dear Participants of the International Court of Justice,

Having represented the State of Palestine in the ICJ last year at BERMUN, I can say that being part of this committee is one of the most fulfilling experiences any MUN delegate can have. Considering the conference’s overarching theme of “Pursuing Peace in a World of War and Conflict”, it is imperative for us to examine the role of national interests in conditioning a state’s agenda, and how these usually trump international law. I believe that this year’s case does exactly that.

I am a 17 year-old student at the Benjamin Franklin International School in Barcelona, Spain. Although I was born in Madrid, I lived in Dubai for four years prior to moving to my current location. MUN is one of my greatest passions, and this will be my 9th conference and my first as a chair. Besides learning about politics, international law and economics, I love watching anime, reading science fiction, playing video games and learning about mathematics.

I encourage all of you to take full advantage of the opportunities this committee presents, and I am greatly looking forward to meeting you in November!

Carlota Figueroa

Assistant President of the ICJ

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