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of the


John F. Kennedy School

Honorable Delegates of the Political Committee,

I am thrilled to be your Chair this November! At this year’s BERMUN conference, our committee will address the question of “The Future of Automation and Artificial Intelligence in Warfare”. With several countries investing millions into the rapidly expanding wave of automation, the employment of Artificial Intelligence in war is no longer just an item of science-fiction, but it is becoming a likely reality. Although it is not probable that human-like robots will populate the battlefield any time soon, advanced drones, missile systems and other lethal automated machines are quickly developing. The increasing use of technology and the resulting depersonalization of war has the potential to be extremely harmful, but if managed with caution can also be of an advantage. To prevent a dangerous escalation of the already emerging arms race for Artificial Intelligence, secure ethical guidelines must be discussed now in order to pursue a peaceful future. 

In the PC, you will engage in constructive debate, working together and discussing comprehensive means to tackle the issue. Although your country's policies may oppose each other, finding compromise is essential to creating global solutions. 

This will be my ninth conference and sixth time as a Student Officer. I am a 12th grader at the John F. Kennedy School, and aside from participating in MUN, I love playing lacrosse and spending time with friends. BERMUN is always a wonderful opportunity to meet many new people, which is one of my favorite things about the conference.

I really look forward to meeting all of you at this year’s BERMUN! 


Chelsea Wilp

Chair of the Political Committee 

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