Eirini Theodosiadi

Assistant President

of the


Anatolia High School

Dear Delegates,

Welcome to BERMUN XXX! I am more than happy to be a part of this year’s conference. Even though it is going to be a virtual experience for all of us, we should all try our best during these tough times to fun and engaging debate.

Apart from being a student officer, the one MUN experience that left the most evident impact on me was serving as a judge in the ICJ. Being a member of the ICJ helps us deepen our understanding of justice, form our own opinions on a topic after being provided with evidence and arguments, and last but not least, helps us become more aware of the world we live in, as we develop our critical thinking skills.

I am 16 years old in11th grade at Anatolia College in Thessaloniki, Greece, and it will be my sixth MUN conference and my second time chairing.

Besides MUN, I really enjoy reading books, watching movies and animated series, listening to '90s music and going on walks in the city center with my friends. I also love cooking, even though I am actually not that good of a cook.

Lastly, I am more than excited and grateful to be a part of this year’s BERMUN, and I am looking forward to meeting all of you in November!

Wish you all the best!

Eirini Theodosiadi

Registrar of the ICJ

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