Fabian Elsken Sicard


of the


Innerstädtisches Gymnasium

Welcome Delegates of SOCHUM 1!

It is a great honor to serve as a co-chair in this year’s Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Committee! So far, I have attended four Model UN conferences as a delegate and one as deputy secretary-general but this will be my first time participating as a chair. What I have always enjoyed about Model UN is gaining a much deeper understanding of specific global problems and trying to find creative solutions tackling them on multiple levels.

Seeing that we have two pressing issues in SOCHUM 1, delegates will engage in constructive debate and develop inspired resolutions to finally put an end to the issues at hand. During and after war, women and girls are particularly vulnerable to sexual violence and exploitation. Besides preventing war in the first place, it is crucial to strengthen women’s rights across the globe.

The second committee topic is globally prevalent, as it concerns drug wars. Looking at related efforts in the past, delegates will need to make sure their solutions do not simply shift the problem to other countries.

In addition to MUN, I also enjoy playing ultimate frisbee, chess, and soccer. Moreover, I am a huge bookworm with my favorite book series being Harry Potter and A Song of Ice and Fire. Currently, I am a senior at the Innerstädtisches Gymnasium Rostock.

I am very excited to meet you all in November!


Fabian Elsken Sicard

Co-Chair of SOCHUM 1

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