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of the


John F. Kennedy School

Dear Judges, Dear Advocates,

I am excited to be your President in the International Court of Justice at this year’s BERMUN Conference. The ICJ is the primary court in the UN. Its role is to settle international disputes and conflicts to ensure justice and freedom across the world. At this conference, we will be settling a dispute between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia and Montenegro. This case is an application by Bosnia and Herzegovina to try Serbia and Montenegro for genocide, allegedly committed in 1995.

Even though this case is very old, recent events in Ukrainian cities like Butcha and Irpin prove how relevant this topic still is today. Debating it in the ICJ is a great opportunity to better understand world politics and how to support our conference theme of peacebuilding. 

I view the BERMUN conference as an opportunity for everyone to better their understanding of global politics and different perspectives. The ICJ is a great chance to increase your knowledge of international laws and court proceedings. I learned a lot during my previous times in the ICJ and I hope you will too!

I have been to many BERMUN conferences and attended the last BERMUN conference as Assistant President in the ICJ, which has been my favorite conference so far. I will be in the 12th grade at the John F. Kennedy School during the conference. My favorite subjects in school are geography and math. I am also part of the MUN weekly debate and the JFKS IDEAS club. Outside of school, I like to do a lot of sports such as swimming or going to the gym. During my vacations, I enjoy hiking in the mountains or doing bike trips with friends or family. 

I look forward to meeting you in November!


Friedrich Martens

President of the ICJ

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