Jenny Youm


of the


Frankfurt International School

Honourable PC Delegates,

I am delighted to serve as this year's Political Committee chair! We will be debating a broad range of issues concerning peacekeeping operations. Such topics you will be considering include "ensuring Post-War transitional justice" and "the Future of Automation and Artificial Intelligence in Warfare". Through this conference, you will have better insight into a wide range of solutions countries can implement to foster peace in response to a post-war transition. It is crucial during times of political unrest to support and promote a peaceful environment in which nation-states emerging from war can have the opportunity to maintain economic and political stability. Furthermore, as Artificial Intelligence grows exponentially, it is imperative to discuss the benefits and challenges of autonomous weapons reshaping the warfare market. Each of your opinions is necessary to strengthen a resolution, and I hope that all delegates will collaboratively and passionately work together to address such issues.

Also, let me briefly introduce myself. I am a sixteen-year-old student attending Frankfurt International School, and this will be the eighth MUN conference and my second conference chairing. Though I am ethnically from South Korea, I was born in Sydney, Australia and lived in New York, Los Angelos, Mexico City  (I am currently living in Frankfurt, Germany). Besides MUN, I am passionate about drawing, playing the flute and piano, and learning anything Biology related.

I am once again incredibly excited to be part of BERMUN 2021, and I hope to see you soon!


Jenny Youm

Co-chair of the Political Committee

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