Kaden Pradhan

Assistant President

of the


Westminster School

Dear Judges, Advocates and Witnesses,

At this year’s BERMUN, I have been given the honour of the role of Assistant President of ICJ2. The International Court of Justice has a hugely important role in settling international disputes and thereby maintaining global peace and security. Through the mechanism of judicial precedent, even historical court cases like the ones being debated at BERMUN this year are extremely significant and topical.

For me, BERMUN ICJ is about broadening your perspective, debating important matters of international law, and learning how to argue on behalf of a position you might not traditionally be inclined to. Global systems of law have a fundamental role in the upkeep of our diplomatic and humanitarian structures, and understanding this via the ICJ is a fantastic opportunity.

I attended BERMUN ICJ last year as a Judge and have been to numerous other conferences … WesMUN, CUIMUN-HS, and SPSMUN amongst others. I am also the joint Sec-Gen for MUN at Westminster School, London. I have had a strong interest in law these past few years and last year’s ICJ really helped me explore my dual interests in MUN and legal matters together, which was super exciting.

I am 17 years old and will graduate next year. Outside school, I enjoy working with my local youth empowerment organisation, reading books, and walking very long distances. I study geography, English literature, philosophy, and economics, all of which I enjoy thoroughly.

I can’t wait to meet you all this November!

Kaden Pradhan

Assistant President of the ICJ 2

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