Kayleigh Isa

Assistant President

of the


American School of Warsaw

Dear Delegates of the ECOSOC, 

As the Assistant President of the Economic and Social Council, I am honored to be Chairing alongside Zarah-Lou and Jonas at BERMUN XXVIII. During our committee sessions, we will be delving into the issue of aiding LEDCs in their development, as well as the regulation of cryptocurrency. Supporting less-developed nations in their efforts towards industrialization and economic prosperity in a sustainable way is absolutely vital to global security, and is thus pertinent to discussions in the ECOSOC. Additionally, the close monitoring of cryptocurrency exchanges by international governments and United Nations bodies will ensure that transgressions of the law and hindrances of economic development can be eliminated.

I am currently 17 years old and a student at the American School of Warsaw. I will be in 12th grade at the time of the conference and in my fourth year of MUN participation, with BERMUN XXVIII being my 7th conference. Throughout my time as an MUN participant, I have acted as both a delegate and a Student Officer, gaining extensive knowledge of the rules of procedure and the more nuanced methods of leading a successful committee. As your Chair, I will facilitate fruitful debates that yield effective resolutions to the issues at hand, all the while creating a comfortable and accepting environment.

Though I was born in Warsaw and currently live there, I have also lived in South Africa, Spain, Turkey, and the Philippines. Outside of my participation in MUN, I enjoy painting, playing the saxophone, and listening to my favorite albums on repeat!

I look forward to meeting you all in November!


Kayleigh Isa

Assistant President of ECOSOC

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