Lena Kinder


of the

Jr. MUN 2


Dear Delegates,

Welcome to the Junior Committee!

We will be discussing issues regarding the reduction of gang violence and the rehabilitation of child soldiers. Due to our privilege of living in more economically developed countries, we often turn our backs to topics like the ones mentioned above. Therefore, it is of major significance that you’ll be having engaging debate and trying to find solutions.

Having great interest in politics and debating, this will be my fourth MUN conference and my second time chairing. Although I initially was a bit shy and reluctant to participate at my first conference, I was quickly thrilled to actively participate. Thus if this is your first time attending a MUN conference, don’t be afraid to engage in the debate. I am sure that after the first few hours you will be confident enough to participate. Additionally, after actively taking part in the discussions, you will gain a better understanding of politics in general and improve your debating skills.

Personally, I currently attend the 10th grade at the Primo-Levi-Gymnasium. In my free time, I like to meet friends, draw or play the ukulele.

I look forward to seeing you in November!


Lena Kinder

Chair of the Junior Committee

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