Nicolas Heidbrink


of the


John F. Kennedy School

Dear Delegates,

I am honored to welcome you to the BERMUN 2021 Economic and Social Council 2!

At this year’s BERMUN, the ECOSOC will be discussing the issue of economic interdependence as a means to prevent war. After centuries of wars and hostility, the European Union was formed to promote trade and economic cooperation between countries that historically had been enemies. This goal was achieved and today these same countries are close political and economic allies. The EU serves as an example of how globalization and economic alliances can be used to motivate countries to form alliances with each other, preventing wars before they start.

This will be my eighth conference, and the third one in which I am chairing. I have been participating in MUN since I was twelve, and I hope to meet delegates who are as enthusiastic about the program as I am.

On a personal note, I enjoy playing soccer and chess with my friends as well as the trumpet in our school band. I have lived in Berlin all of my life and am currently in the eleventh grade at the John F. Kennedy School.

I look forward to meeting you all!


Nicolas Heidbrink

President of the Economic and Social Council

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