Pranit Dua


of the


American School of Warsaw

Dear Delegates,

It is with utmost pleasure that I welcome you to this year’s BERMUN conference. I’m currently a junior at the American School of Warsaw. I am from India and have taken part in eight MUN conferences before this, chairing two of them. I really enjoy participating in MUN because through them I feel as if I can affect, even to a small extent, the world in which we live and relate to the different problems of society. At the same time, I get the chance to meet many amazing people from all over the world and debate with them, thus getting acquainted with different fascinating cultures and enthralling ways of thinking

At this conference, we will address the theme of “Pursuing Peace in a World of War and Conflict.” Both of the topics of this committee are related to an aspect of this theme. Women are effected by the negative consequences of war both during and after war. So, one of the topics of this committee is about reducing the impact war has on women. The other topic is about preventing and ending the drug war. This is another prevalent issue that has torn apart many economies. Coming up with effective solutions to both these issues would definitely improve the circumstances in which many people live. I believe that as a generation of young adults paving the path for the future, you all will have a very unique take on these issues. 

​I can’t wait to see you all this November! 


​Pranit Dua, 

Co-Chair of the Social, Cultural, and Humanitarian Committee 2

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