Zarah-Louise Danziger


of the


John F. Kennedy School

Dear Delegates of the DC,

I am incredibly excited to be taking part in and meeting you at the BERMUN conference this year!

In the rapidly changing global political climate, it is important to carefully consider the necessary steps to deescalate political tensions and secure a safe future for humanity. Of course, military power has a huge impact in the process of peacebuilding. When you disarm or arm a member state, think of the trade-offs and the potential consequences that arise. For example, how do you ensure the safety of a state after it has been disarmed, so that a nuclear-armed state such as Russia doesn't march into a non-nuclear armed state such as Ukraine?

Though I have been a part of other committees, I have never been in the Disarmament Committee. Nevertheless, I can not wait to see all your creative solutions for this year's topics. I trust all your resolutions will be well-thought-out and constructed.  

I am a 10th grader at the John F. Kennedy School in Berlin, where I have been since I was 4 years old. When I don't have too much homework, I like to make art, play the piano or play lacrosse, and of course, debate! I joined MUN not too long ago even though I had been wanting to try it out for a while. 

I look forward to meeting you all in November!


Zarah-Louise Danziger 

Co-Chair Disarmament Committee 

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