Housing Options


For the FALL CONFERENCE, limited housing is available in the John F. Kennedy School (JFKS) community. Please understand that we cannot hope to place every BERMUN participant with a JFKS host family.

Before applying for the Housing Program with BERMUN, please consider the following:

Advantages of staying in a host family:

  • Cultural exchange/experience
  • Lower cost per student
  • Last minute cancellations are inconvenient but inexpensive
  • Allows students to travel independently in the city on a daily basis and, thus, experience Berlin from a different perspective
  • Reduces the teacher’s responsibilities of physically chaperoning 24 hrs. per day

Advantages to staying in a hostel/hotel:

  • Students spend time together in the evenings, have meals together and sleep in the same location – making the experience of the trip more valuable and memorable for all
  • The group travels together on public transportation, arriving at the venues together, on time and with the director(s)
  • Flexibility regarding arrival and departure times for the conference as opposed to fixed times for housing switches
  • Allows for extension days beyond the conference dates as housing is limited to Tuesday-Sunday only
  • Gives the group more flexibility regarding plans for sightseeing and activities in Berlin as no communication with a number of host families is required
  • Allows for earlier communication of housing details with participants’ parents. Host family information is only available in November, shortly before the conference.

Housing Program Requirements:

  • Students must be at least 15 years old
  • Student may be housed alone or in pairs, or in very rare cases 3+. We try to honor requests of students being housed together but many times this is not possible!
  • Students must be able to travel on public transportation by themselves. While we try to place students in homes in close vicinity of our school, many of our host families live further away. In cases where the host family does not have children participating in BERMUN, the hostee will be required travel by public transportation as host family may not have a car to provide rides to school.
  • Student must be fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

Requests for community housing must be made in advance when completing Form I. When applying, state the reason why community housing is essential for your delegates.

If you choose to stay in a hotel or hostel, we recommend that you arrange your accommodations as soon as possible. The following information might prove helpful though it is clearly not a complete list of available accommodation in the area.

Hostels and Guest Houses:
Jugendgästehaus Lichterfelde
Youth Hostel Three Little Pigs
Jugendgästehaus & Hotel St. Michaels Heim
Berlin City – Jugendhotel
Gästehaus der ev.-luth. St. Mariengemeinde
CVJM- Jugendgästehaus Berlin
Safestay Berlin
Happy Hotel Berlin

For more options visit: - (German website but search will give you options you can google for further information)

German Youth Hostels:

(membership required but can be purchased at low cost)

Jugendherberge Berlin-International

City Hostel Berlin – nahe Potsdamer Platz. Kluckstr. 3, 10785 Berlin, Tel: +49 30 747687910

Jugendherberge Berlin-Am Wannsee

Badeweg 1, 14129 Berlin, Tel: +49 30 8032034

Jugendherberge Potsdam

Haus der Jugend, Schulstraße 9, 14482 Potsdam, Tel: +49 331 5813-100


Hotel Steglitz International - they only open up reservations 6 months in advance - check again later if the date is not listed!

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