International Court of Justice

Georgia v. Russian Federation
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The International Court of Justice (ICJ) is the primary judicial organ of the United Nations. Its principal mandate includes settling legal disputes brought to it by UN Member States. In addition, various international organs, agencies, and the United Nations General Assembly can call upon the ICJ for counseling and advice. Ensuring legal justice globally and safeguarding nations’ sovereignty is at the heart of the ICJ.

Since 2000, BERMUN has simulated the proceedings of a case.  Our simulation is a challenging forum and a “crash course” in international law making it an ideal opportunity for students who are interested in law. All members of the ICJ will learn to analyze legal evidence and hone their rhetorical skills. The intimacy of our small “committee” will enable participants to engage in the Court’s proceedings.

To make this year’s endeavor yet another success, dedication before and during the conference is crucial.

The BERMUN ICJ is composed of 13 to 18 independent judges and two pairs of advocates. Additionally, three student officers in total, two Presidents and one Registrar, lead the simulation. During the conference, the advocates argue their case through speeches and the presentation of factual and legal evidence. The judges deliberate upon the information presented to them and compose a verdict expressing their judgment. Student Officers advise the advocates in the pre-conference preparation and assist them in identifying and organizing their key arguments. In addition, we guide the judges in their deliberation, help them evaluate legal documents, and facilitate deliberation.

The ICJ Student Officer team encourages any participating BERMUN students to take advantage of this unique opportunity. For any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by email at

For more information, please click here for the ICJ Handbook.

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