Press Team

Dear BERMUN participants,

It is an honor to be the Editor-in-Chief of BERMUN Press this year and I’m feeling both excited and anxious about leading the press team. This will be my third BERMUN, and the past conferences have taught me so much about the importance of journalism to provide a truthful, trustworthy and easily accessible source of information for all members of the conference.

Taking part in BERMUN is not only a privilege that we should be grateful for but also a way to educate ourselves beyond the walls of our classrooms. We should take advantage of this opportunity and learn to shape our own ideas but also listen to those that our peers contribute. 

In light of the conference theme Solidarity amid Contagious Globalization & Fragmentation, it is crucial that we work together and collectively find solutions that bring us closer together in a time where our society is increasingly losing unity and connection.   

I look forward to working together with so many dedicated young students and providing you with informative newspapers and videos.

Paulina Drautz

BERMUN Press Editor-in-Chief

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