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Dear Delegates, 

Welcome to the BERMUN Jr. MUN Committee!

This year’s theme “Sustainable Development in a Capitalist World“ is extremely important, especially as we face huge environmental challenges and aim to build a wealthy future that combines economic growth with environmental sustainability. 

In the Jr. MUN Committee, we will be debating two topics: “Tackling Demographic Crisis” and “Preserving Oceanic Ecosystems Amid Overfishing”.

Both are acute problems that affect us all. The world faces a demographic crisis with aging populations and declining birth rates. This leads to economic, social, and political challenges that need to be solved.

Overfishing is also a problem, which is getting bigger and bigger with the currently growing world population. For marine protected areas or stronger fishing controls, an alliance between governments, scientists, industries, and organizations is crucial.

The Jr. MUN Committee encourages younger students to actively engage in political discussions. Our committee is a very special and important one because it offers a great entrance into MUN.

On a personal note, I am a 14-year-old 9th grader at the Primo-Levi-Gymnasium in Berlin. BERMUN 2023 will be my fifth conference overall and my second one as a chair. In my free time, I really enjoy playing football as well as playing the piano. 

I am really looking forward to meeting everyone in November, and I hope there will be some great discussions!


David Beller

Co-Chair of the Jr.MUN Committee

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