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Dear Delegates,

Welcome to the Jr. MUN committee!

During BERMUN, one of the Jr. MUN topics will be "Tackling the Demographic Crisis".

While some countries struggle with a very young population and high child mortality rates, others have issues with an aging population. In both cases, you have a vulnerable group of people who need to be supported by a different generation. If your population is predominantly made up of older generations, the younger ones need to care for them and support them without government interference and indebtedness, which might financially endanger the healthcare system. In general, the more wealth, the older the population.

The Jr. MUN gives new, young delegates a chance to get some first-hand experience of debating and MUN conferences, while providing a safe space, where debating is less intimidating. I know how scary it can be to speak in front of many people, knowing that they might even dispute your point. However, there's no pressure in this committee, especially since everyone is new as well.

All in all, this will be my 5th MUN conference (my first time chairing) and I know that for my first one I was really anxious as well. That’s a large reason why I applied to Jr. MUN for the start of my MUN career. 

In my free time, I like to read, draw, listen to music, or hang out with my friends. I also like swimming, a little bit of gymnastics, and Akkordeon. I'm 14 years old and have two older sisters and nine chickens, who live in my garden and are quite tame.

Although I am quite nervous to be chairing, I am very excited to work with you all, and I'm sure we will have interesting, entertaining, professional, and fruitful debate (and a really great time!)

I am looking forward to meeting you all!

Frida Katzenstein

Chair of the Jr. MUN

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