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John F. Kennedy School

Dear Participants of BERMUN 2023,

I will be chairing the Youth Assembly at this year's BERMUN, and I look forward to making this a memorable BERMUN Youth Assembly that will be consequential for years to come, with our theme “Mastering Digitalization - Social Media as a Tool for an Educated and Engaged Civil Society”. As more and more of our world becomes plugged in, we must make sure that we surf the wave of digitization, instead of being pulled under. We will begin exploring topics from Instagram to Artificial Intelligence. We will be discussing how these trends affect our communities and how we can use them as tools to bolster initiatives. 

If you are interested in YA, I encourage you to start conversations with your family and friends about digitalization to get in the mindset of considering this issue. I would also recommend you think about if you are someone more interested in talk or change. The YA is work, but it pays off by having an effect that no other committee can give you. 

More personally speaking, I have been going to JFKS for 6 years, and am currently in the 9th grade. I have been to numerous BERMUN and BALMUN conferences. I am very involved with Student Government and an active member of many clubs. I also play basketball and the cello, as well as participating in Boy Scouts of America.

I look forward to getting to know some of you in November!

James Simanowitz

Director of the YA

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