Keyo Casper

Assistant President

of the


John F. Kennedy School

Dear Judges and Advocates, 

Welcome to the International Criminal Court at BERMUN 2024! 

The ICC will deliberate over the case of Ahmad Muhammad Harun, the former Sudanese Minister of the Interior, who is accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity. Allegedly, as a government official, Harun helped orchestrate attacks on multiple towns in Darfur, with the help of the Janjaweed militia. 

This year's conference will focus on Fostering Global Citizenship among Identities and Responsibilities. Political distancing and rising nationalism have encouraged the prioritization of national interests over global ones, resulting in a hesitance to stand united against international conflicts. The victims of the defendant’s alleged crimes were targeted purely because of their membership of specific ethnic groups. Members of the Fur, Masalit, and Zaghawa groups were murdered and forcibly deported by the Janjaweed militia under the alleged direction of Harun. These crimes, alongside Sudan’s failure to prosecute them, have highlighted the shared responsibility to uphold universal values while protecting minorities.

On a more personal note, I am a tenth grader at the John F. Kennedy School in Berlin. I like to attempt to cook, though whether my results are fit for consumption depends on who you ask. Aside from BERMUN, I enjoy playing lacrosse and violin in my free time. I have chaired several different committees in my two years of MUN, and I am excited to experience the variety the courts offer alongside you. 

See you in November! 


Keyo Casper 

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