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 Dear Delegates,

This year’s Youth Assembly topic will be “Mastering Digitalization - Social Media as a Tool for an Educated and Engaged Civil Society”. Due to the world’s constant development and expansion of digital capability, mastering digitalization in all of its aspects is as important as ever. How can we effectively integrate technology into our lives? Should we perhaps limit it? What about artificial intelligence? Many events, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, have forced us to rethink how we interact with technology on the local and educational levels, making this year's topic especially relevant for young participants. 

As much fun as debating international topics is, participants of the YA have the rare chance to accomplish meaningful real-world change, which is an incredibly valuable experience, and represent their own views to improve their own community. Additionally, participants get to meet so many engaged and interested people to work with and gather ideas from, which is exceedingly important when discussing collaborative solutions. 

I joined the YA last year and was instantly captivated by the different flow of debate and the possibility of actually implementing initiatives. Aside from MUN, I play lacrosse, violin, and am actively involved in JFKS’ Student Council.

I look forward to seeing you and listening to your ideas at the conference in November!

Keyo Casper

Director of the YA

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