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Honorable Delegates,

It is my great honor to welcome you to the Jr. MUN!

The topic of this year's BERMUN could not be more relevant considering the situation in Ukraine, but this is not the only conflict in our world. This year, we will deal with peacebuilding which sounds like an enormous task, but this is precisely the commitment we owe to those who suffer from war and destruction.

In our committee, we deal with two major topics of building peace.

First of all, counterterrorism is an important component of building peace. Numerous terrorist attacks have scarred the world in recent decades, from radical left-wing terrorism in Germany in the 1970s (RAF) to the attacks on the World Trade Center in 2001, and up to the seizure of power by the Taliban in Afghanistan last August. The return to international diplomacy is the goal that should be set here.

As a second topic, we devote ourselves to a socio-political issue. We want to strengthen peace by including refugees of war in society. Countries must take into account the experiences of those who had to leave their homes due to the most brutal destruction of war. 

As you are delegates of the Jr. MUN, I know that many have either limited or perhaps no experience with MUN. Nevertheless, I encourage all of you to actively participate in debate. Especially in the Jr. MUN, no one needs to be afraid that their arguments will be dismissed. Particularly with such important and vital topics, I am very excited about your solutions and your active participation.

On a personal note, I am in the 10th grade at Berlin Primo-Levi-Gymnasium, and this will be my 5th MUN conference and my 3rd time serving as a Student Officer, all of these in the Jr. MUN. I find politics, whether on a local, state, federal or international level, to be extremely fascinating. 

I look forward to the lively debates and solutions from the delegates in our committee.


Philipp Haraschta (he/him)

Chair of the Jr. MUN Committee

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