Youth Assembly

The Youth Assembly (YA) is a unique committee of international students representing highly motivated, critical, open minded and creative individuals from around the world. We are committed to discussing critical and global challenges, and to finding solutions together. The multicultural character of this assembly ensures a wide range of opinions, perspectives, and experiences, and a unique learning environment that produces a multitude of distinguished solutions.

The BERMUN Youth Assembly strives to:

  • Address current, critical issues considered by young people to be of immediate concern to their lives
  • Empower youth to take immediate concrete action at local, national and international levels
  • Channel young people’s passions toward the development of local projects
  • Encourage youth involvement and initiative

This year the YA has chosen the theme “Tackling Social Fragmentation - Fostering Integration Through Local Initiatives”

The YA leadership team is excited to include up to 30 students each year.  To help us select participants, we ask that each student complete a YA application by the deadline (see Registration Details for dates).

  1. Complete the YA Application online (link here) which includes:
  1. Complete Letter of Motivation (100-200 words): Answer the following questions so the YA Team will have a clear picture of your ambitions. Submit it with the online application in the space provided.
  • Previous involvement in your community (i.e. class representative, community service etc.)
  • Previous experience(s) with a school Student Council
  • Why are you interested in applying to the Youth Assembly?
  • Previous MUN experience in the order of conference, committee, position, year.
  • How and what will you specifically be able to contribute to the discussion on this year's theme?
  • Why are you interested in integration and what does it mean to you?
  • We would like to have students return for successive years to the YA in order to ensure the success of initiatives and as a follow up. Will this be possible for you? Please explain.
  1. Write a Personal Statement regarding conference contribution (200-300 words): Describe the opportunities for civil engagement in your community, i.e. school, neighborhood etc. Submit this proof of your knowledge about the topic with the online application in the space provided. The following questions may help you.
  • Describe the opportunities for civil engagement in your community, i.e. school, neighborhood etc.
  • What are some opportunities in your community to be involved in and/or find a platform for socially and politically opinionated people to voice their affairs?  
  • What are the main obstacles preventing students from becoming involved in their community? How could these be overcome?
  • Outline your ideas for creating and implementing a realistic local project. [Note: this project could be the improvement/addition to an existing initiative or institution or the creation of something new]

Reminder: Applications submitted after the application deadline will not be considered for a position.

For further information please contact the Youth Assembly Directors via email at

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