Youth Assembly

The Youth Assembly (YA) is a diverse community of international students that discusses critical and global challenges, finding unique solutions through the multicultural perspectives of its members. The BERMUN Youth Assembly aims to address pressing issues affecting young people, empowering them to act and channel their passions towards local projects. This year's theme is "Mastering Digitalisation - Social Media as a Tool for an Educated and Engaged Civil Society." The YA is seeking up to 30 students to join its leadership team each year. Interested students should submit a completed YA application before the deadline (see Registration Details for dates).

The YA application includes the following:

  1. A letter of motivation (100-200 words), which includes:
  • Previous involvement in your community and local governance (ex. Student Council)
  • Previous MUN experience (conference, committee, year)
  • Why are you interested in joining the Youth Assembly?
  1. A personal statement (200-300 words), including:
  • A description of possible opportunities for digitalisation in your community
  • How difficult is digitalisation in your community? How could you overcome these obstacles?
  • Ideas for project(s) to foster digitalisation in your community
  • Personal connnection to the topic (Why is this topic important to you? Why is it important to your community?)

Reminder: Applications submitted after the application deadline will not be considered for a position.

For further information please contact the Youth Assembly Directors via email at

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